We are looking out for each other.

It's time to deal effectively with sexual assault, stalking, shootings, terrorist attacks and violence.

SpokeUp is a gender, race, religion and sexual orientation agnostic platform that harnesses securely encrypted data to help law enforcement identify and track violent actors, and secure admissions of guilt and appropriate sentencing.

Named in honor of the bicyclists who ended a high profile rape at Stanford University, SpokeUp facilitates the recording of our experiences with society's bad actors. SpokeUp does not replace reporting crime to the police.

There are many reasons crime, attempted crime and suspicious activity go unreported. SpokeUp is a convenient way to record our experiences with persons we believe are capable of violent or predatory behavior so that when they get investigated, the justice system will know what they've been up to.  Information will not be made publicly available, but will be released to law enforcement personnel when charges are filed or when circumstances fall under the duty to report. Witnesses, survivors and character references may be contacted to help police.

This is a community service. Please submit your email below - if there's enough interest, I'm happy to build it out. (You will NOT be contacted. Your info will NOT be shared. I am simply gauging interest.)

Your opinion matters


  • Past behavior informs the future. SpokeUp has no statute of limitations.
  • Less fear for your safety. The person you report will not know if or when they are reported here.
  • No judgment from or disruption to your family, friends, employment…
  • Links the person after they wear out their welcome and move out-of-state.
  • No additional emotional toll from fighting, legal fees and putting your life on hold with the risk of being discounted by lack of evidence or reasonable doubt.
  • Protect precious lives. Let’s quarantine the sick and evil.
  • Regain your sense of self. Alleviate the guilt of not formally reporting what happened to you.
  • No victim or trauma stigma. Potential new lovers won’t find out and brand you as “damaged.”
  • Fast and free. No time off work, parking fees at court, hiring attorneys, being countersued.
  • SpokeUp aims to prevent violent attacks and unwanted sexual contact-- touching, assault and rape. Categories could expand to cover theft and white collar crime.
  • Could SpokeUp decrease violent crimes?
  • Easier to set up sting operations to catch school, clergy and healthcare predators.
  • Gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation agnostic. Nobody should be immune to justice.
  • Report suspicious behavior of potential school shooters or terrorist attacks. Most predators leave clues, brag or slip up.
  • Let’s put teeth into the justice system to increase admissions of guilt, assist DAs and jurors and win appropriate sentences to deter violence and keep us safe.
  • SpokeUp could potentially help deny name changes and visa requests.
  • Solves the issue of underreporting. We can get clearer statistics and report crime trends to the public.
  • Your information is protected on a secure server and is only accessible to law enforcement personnel after a threat is identified. Your credibility is less likely to be called into question.
  • Date, time and context of reports are recorded to protect innocent people from being targeted. The only motive for reporting should be concern for the welfare of others.
  • Platform may provide new data and insights to prevent crime and address the pain points that cause underreporting. Public resources may be better allocated to fight crime and assist survivors.
  • Law enforcement personnel are not exempt from being reported.

*This platform does not provide counseling, health services or take the place of 9-1-1, restraining orders or reporting crime to the police. Your information may be reported immediately if circumstances indicate clear and imminent danger.*

Speak up to make our world a safer place, on your own terms from the comfort and privacy of home.